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Steaks & Chops
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Boneless Pork Chops

Pack of 4  Boneless pork loin steaks. Tender and tasty, this is a very versatile cut with endle..

£4.99 per pack (4)

Mixed Meat Steak Box

Mixed Meat Steak BoxOur mixed meat steak box contains all of our most popular steak cuts from ac..

£34.99 Each

Pork Loin Chops

Pack of 4 (700g approx) rindless bone in pork loin chops. Perfect to fry or grill. ..

£5.99 per pack (4)

Pork Rump Steaks

Pack of 4 (400g approx) Boneless pork rump steaks. Great flavour and ideal to grill or fry. ..

£4.00 per pack (4)