Roasting Joints

Roasting Joints
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Lamb Leg Roasting Joint (Shank)

Prime roasting joint from the shank end of the leg. (approx 1.5kg)This prime cut is taken from t..

£14.99 each (1.5kg)

Deluxe Family Roast Box

Deluxe Family Roast BoxOur deluxe family roast box give you all the core ingrediants needed for ..

£64.99 Each

Half Shoulder of Lamb

The blade end of the shoulder and great value for money. Best slow roasted with rosemary and garlic...

£10.00 each

Large boneless rolled shoulder of lamb

This Whole shoulder of lamb is completely boneless for ease of caving and well trimmed. The sma..

£19.99 Each

Large Lamb Shanks

Large Lamb ShanksThese large Leg shanks are cut from the hind leg and weigh over 1lb/454g. Ideal..

£7.99 Per Pack (2)

Whole Shoulder of Lamb

Cut from our fresh, locally sourced lambs, this marbled roasting joint is best slow roasted or brais..

£18.00 each