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4oz Lamb Burgers

Pack of 6 of our famous Lamb Burgers made with lean lamb mince and seasoned with a hint of..

£6.49 Per Pack (6)

4oz Pork and Cider Apple Burgers

Pack of 6 of our famous pork burgers made with lean pork mince and seasoned with cider app..

£4.99 Per Pack (6)

4oz Prime Steak Burger

Prime Steak BurgersPack of 6 of our famous quarter pounders made with prime steak mince and..

£4.99 per pack (6)

6oz 'Griddle' Burgers New

6oz 'Griddle' Burgers

6oz ‘Griddle’ BurgersOriginally developed for the “Griddle Street Food Company..

£7.49 Per Pack

All In One English Breakfast Box New -19%

All In One English Breakfast Box

All In One English Breakfast BoxThis Breakfast Box Gives you all you need to feed a family of fo..

£26.99 £21.99  Each

Boneless Pork Chops

Pack of 4  Boneless pork loin steaks. Tender and tasty, this is a very versatile cut with endle..

£4.99 per pack (4)

Chinese BBQ Ribs New

Chinese BBQ Ribs

Chinese BBQ Ribs Cut from the pork belly rather than the loin, these ribs have a f..

£6.99 Each

Fresh Chicken Fillets

Prime 8oz (200-230g) chicken breast fillet. No added water or phosphates. Sold in packs of 4, suitab..

£5.99 per pack (4)

Fresh Chicken Fillets

Prime 8oz (200-230g) chicken breast fillet. No added water or phosphates.Sold in 5kg packs (appr..

£29.99 per 5kg

Large boneless rolled shoulder of lamb

This Whole shoulder of lamb is completely boneless for ease of caving and well trimmed. The sma..

£19.99 Each

Large Deluxe Winter selection Box

Large Deluxe Winter Selection BoxOur winter warmer Box Contains everything you need to crea..

£59.99 Each

Large honey Roast Ham Joint

Lightly cured and slow roasted with honey and brown sugar this large ham joint is great for carving ..

£20.00 Each (1.5kg)

Lean Protein Box New

Lean Protein Box

5 x 200g Whole Chicken Fillets2 x 500g Extra Lean Steak Mince6 x 110g Extra Lean S..

£34.99 Each

Lincolnshire Pork Sausage

Great pork sausage made to a traditional lincolshire spiced recipie of fresh rubbed sage and black p..

£3.99 Per Pack

Medium Fore rib Roasting joint

Medium 3 Rib Forerib Roast. Weighs approx 3kg. ..

£37.99 each

Mixed Meat Steak Box

Mixed Meat Steak BoxOur mixed meat steak box contains all of our most popular steak cuts from ac..

£34.99 Each

Old Time Bangers

Full Flavoured Pork sausage seasoned with english garden herbs and cracked black pepper. A grea..

£3.99 per pack

Premium Steak Box

Premium Steak BoxOur Premium Steak Box contains a selection of our most popular beef steaks matu..

£92.50 Each