Packing Information

Here at Bradbury's Online we want your order to reach you as fresh as the moment it was prepared.

To achieve this, once your order is prepared it will be packed according to the product and kept chilled.

The products will either be vacuum packed to seal in the natural juices and flavours or film wrapped to preserve their freshness, either way your order will arrive in prime condition.

Once your order is completed, it is placed into our bespoke food grade packing boxes and kept chilled on its journey to you by our own iced gel packs. These packs keep the entire contents of the box at a safe low temperature ensuring your items reach you in prime eating condition.

All our orders are packaged in a temperature controlled environment and stored at a deep chill (0°) until they are despatched.

The packaging methods that we use will keep your order safely chilled for up to 72 hours, retaining freshness and maximising shelf life. However we do recommend that you either refrigerate or freeze your products as soon as they arrive. This will be no later than 48 hours after despatch.

The packaging boxes are secured with our own Bradbury's branded tape so that you know we have overseen every step of the process and your products are not handled by anyone outside of the Bradbury's family.